Every tale about the band Slint begins with retrospect. A couple guys who’d known each other a long time got together in Loo--ville, KY, to make a band named after a goldfish. On their second album they created one of the greatest LPs in rock music, Spiderland.

Photo of Slint at Bimbo's by the gracious Flicker user Lightthe.

Yet even as the band slipped away, Spiderland grew through the music community. The album continued to spread and be passed along until it was appreciated as a masterpiece. Now, after much pleading from fans, they’re back – and back on tour playing their magnum opus front to back. They came through Bimbo's 365 Club in North Beach last Monday.

Why is this album so acclaimed? How does Spiderland fit into the rock canon? How would you explain it to your Dad? Can you avoid using the word “angular"* to describe it? Well, sure. How ‘bout this; let’s compare it to Jonathan Demme’s movie The Silence Of The Lambs.

* 14,200 hits on Google for "angular + Slint" at last check.

After the jump: the movie comparison, followed by the review of the concert at Bimbo’s, with plenty more pictures. And video!