We headed to the Castro on Sunday evening for the SFJFF's Gorgeous! (exclamation included in the title), sort of a Desperate Housewives meets Sex and the City, featuring four women, some single, some married, some divorced, but all Jewish and all uniquely Parisienne.

Instead of NYC, the film’s set primarily in a beauty salon in Paris owned by one of the women, although there are several café scenes, somewhat reminiscent of the restaurants frequented by Carrie and Samantha et al. Like its American counterparts, the Gorgeous! women’s love interests and escapades come in all shapes and sizes, and the film is all about the chase.

The movie's perfectly pleasant and extremely fluffy -- though we will confess we had a hard time telling the characters apart (we went the whole movie thinking all the women were sisters until the scene where one of them ends up hooking up with someone who we thought was her brother, which caused us some panic until we figured it out), and we're still a little nonplussed that one of the characters' plot arcs centers around her going on a diet (she seemed perfectly skinny enough to us!) -- but it was nice to see sexy moms and the family scenes were consistently hilarious.

If you feel like joining these kosher gals for a little action, you can see Gorgeous! this week and next throughout the Bay Area. Here's the trailer.

SFist Wendy, contributing.

Cue Sex In The City theme music here, as SFist Wendy struts on down to the Castro!