Chris Daly was finally reassigned to a new committee today, in a total step down. After getting removed from the "powerful" budget committee chairmanship Chris was totally lonesome, floating in a committeeless void. But yesterday that changed as he was introduced as a member of the Government Audit and Oversight Committee. Note that Daly is not mentioned on the agenda of the meeting, but if you go to sfgtv and watch Monday's session you can clearly see him sitting there with Michela Alioto-Pier and Sean Elsbernd.

So, you want to know why this is funny? There are soooooo many reasons:

-- Alioto-Pier and Sean Elsbernd? His new committee-compadres? Both originally by Gavin. So you know the working relationships there must be.. ummm... working?

-- The new committee Daly is on? Not nearly as important as the budget committee chair. Monday's government Audit and Oversight Meeting lasted 14 minutes and had one agenda item. ONE AGENDA ITEM!!

-- The highlight of his new committee? Sylvia Johson sighting! (Go to about the 7:20 mark and make sure to check out the expression on the lady sitting behind the speaker. Priceless.)

Image from Chris Daly's Myspace page