Campus tree residency news! At Cal, it turns out those people living in the trees to protest the UC's plan to cut them down themselves did significant damage to the trees in question by cutting off the tops of the trees to put in their sleeping platforms. Ah, the sweet smell of irony. Meanwhile, at rival Stanford, they've finally evicted a veteran who's been living in the tree grove off Palm Drive for almost 10 years. (Does anyone actually pay to live at Stanford anymore? Goodness.)

In San Mateo, they're investigating claims that a police deputy was busted in the act in a county courthoouse. The deputy was busted by a court reporter, who saw a pair of male buttocks dashing down a back hallway. No one would go on the record, except for a spokesperson for a judge on that floor, who said it definitely didn't happen in that judge's courtroom. People are wondering if the sheriff can really make a fair ruling on this, given that the sheriff was recently himself busted at a brothel in Las Vegas.

And maybe it's not your dryer after all. Two cats in Los Altos have brought home, one by one, seventeen odd socks over the last few weeks. After flyering their neighborhood ("Neighbor, are you losing socks?"), they've figured out someone has a bag of laundry in their driveway (though that person hasn't come by to reclaim the socks, and refused to comment to the newspaper when they called.) One of the cats' owners notes there's a bag of some other laundry in that neighbor's driveway too. "I just hope the cats don't bring home the underwear." Ah, it reminds us of the Beanie-baby stalking cat in the East Bay around Christmas of last year.