The Chron did the investigating thing and discovered that most BART bathrooms are on the disgusting side. Shocking, we know. The person who did all the investigating was Rachel Gordon who rode up and down BART and checked out each and every bathroom on the line (well, except for the one's that are closed). We sure hope she got a nice raise or bonus out of all this. We'll let you read the gruesome details but SFist's stand on BART bathrooms is there is now way in hell we'd even consider using them unless it was a DIRE emergency. We've seen third world bathrooms in better shape than most of the public toilets in the area.

Now for something completely different-- BART credit cards. BART has announced that they are going to issue their very own credit card (dig the design) in which riders who use them can earn points and get rewards in using the points. It's a frequent flyer program except for trains instead of planes. Use the card, get BART points! If you buy something BART related, you'll get five points. Purchase something event or tourist related and you'll get two points. Anything else, you'll get one point as well as five Schrute bucks. If you get enough points, you'll be able to buy free tickets.

Hey, maybe the can combine the two stories and make it so that people with enough points can use a clean bathroom?