Plenty of interesting stuff happened in San Francisco last week, and our readers, as always, added funny, insightful, and interesting angles to the stuff we wrote about. Our furious, fabulous five for last week -- the first week with a new guy in the top spot! -- follows:

1) The history behind this red, white & blue Muni bus was a mystery no more, thanks to a guest comment from "Retired Muni Operator."

2) Our very own SFist Leanne shared a conversation she overheard on the bus in reference to some recent shootings. Yeesh.

3) Thanks to an anonymous guest (REGISTER, people! We want to give you credit!) who shared with us a wild link about a SATANIST! Double yeesh!

4) cat not only commented on how silly aspects of the NYT's coverage of our mayoral race was and made sure we knew what up with Matt. G, she also took one for the team by writing a letter to the editor of the Old Gray Lady -- then provided an update on the national media's current obsession with our local politics. That's like commentary overtime. We're going to give her time and a half.

5) Finally, good comment by ievans, who, in reference to something Officer Andrew Cohen told us, points out that loyalty shouldn't be given blindly or unconditionally.