Hey folks, we're back again with our favorites amongst the comments and opinions you, the readership, made about SFist's stories that ran the week of July 1. Despite the weird holiday schedule, there was plenty of excellent conversation.

1) We enjoyed (Not SFist)Jeremy's response to Rita's review of Mission Pie for several reasons. First, he filled in some good additional details. Second, we should all talk about pie more often. Finally, as we almost missed this insight since it's a "guest-comment," it's a good opportunity to remind long-time commenters to PLEASE REGISTER. The benefits are multitudinous. Who wouldn't want to see all the comments they've made with the click of a button?

2) and 3) iris talked about the concept of "edgehogs," responding to our "Ask A Muni Driver" top 10 pet peeve list. It's something that everyone hates, but she verbalized it and shared an amusing name for the despicable practice (for which she cited the N Judah Chronicles, one of our favorite sites). Thanks, iris! On the same thread, we enjoyed bornandraised's comment, which gave the student's perspective on having to wear those horribly large packbacks, even on the bus. It ain't the kids' fault!

4) More transportation woes! SFist's Jim posted a pic and discussion about the Octavia Boulevard ramp, which led to much spirited discussion. We appreciated mariconsoy's take on the situation: a little historical perspective, a little opinion, a very good comment.

5) Rounding out the Top 5 this week, we apprecited President Camacho sharing his eyewitness account of the 4th of July incident in Dolores Park where a young drummer's hand was injured by an errant explosive. We hope he shared that with the proper authorities as well.

Whew, sorry to end on such a downer -- more talk about pie, please! See who'll end up in our Top 5 next week!