Hi, I’m Brock, and I’ll be your new editor. A wee bit about me: I used to work here writing stuff, where I skipped innumerable important deadlines by looking at this very site. I’m now humbled and honored to be a part of something that helped my work productivity take such a sharp nosedive; I only hope that I can help do the same for you.

Coming to you live from one of the few remaining Victorian apartments in SOMA, located somewhere near the Wired Magazine offices, directly within earshot of the new overpass erection and the din of well-off families and their spoiled offspring on their way to the All-Star game festivities -- if you see me on the street, feel free to scream derogatory remarks or hurl blunt objects at me -- I just thought I’d say...well, hello.

Although my teleporting skills and fashion sense aren’t nearly as honed as Brenda Dickson’s, my eyes are just as dead.