--Supervisor Michela Alioto-Pier is going to reintroduce a code of conduct for behavior before the Board of Supes. You may remember she introduced a motion to censure Daly for saying "f*** off" at a board meeting back in 2004, but it failed. The Chron's called for censure too.

--Aaron Peskin says he's already told Daly the whole thing was uncool and wants to leave it there. Yes, please. We can't take much more of this!

--Will this latest scandal take away district elections? Probably not.

--People around town seem less interested in the Newsom coke thing than they were in the Newsom sex/drinking thing, and kind of annoyed with Daly for bringing it up in the first place. Daly says (we imagine somewhat poignantly), "My [poll] numbers are already low. Now they'll hit rock bottom." Aw, we still love you, Chris! (though we understand he's not so happy with us right now.) Who else are we going to write about on the 'Fist? (Besides Ed Jew, of course.)

--The Chron also looks at other nasty political fights around the area, like in Oakland and Antioch. They blame the Internet.

--BeyondChron, by contrast, blames the Chron. (Thank you for the nice compliment about our Ed Jew coverage, Randy Shaw! Though we think the Chron's Ed Jew coverage has been awesome.)

--And while everyone else is talking about coke, people affected by Newsom's budget are still trying to get your attention. Affordable housing or the Friends of the Urban Forest? Is there no way to have both?

Picture by Jerry Jarvis.