Remember the Berkeley journalism student that got in the car accident that killed author David Halberstam? The San Mateo County DA's charging him with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter (the same charge for which the girl who killed the members of the Tongan royal family was convicted).

And here's the heartwarming! A Milpitas man's stolen car is returned to him, after 31 years. It was a 1956 Thunderbird, stolen in 1976. No one really knows what happened to it, but a woman in Ventura County bought it off eBay from someone in Ohio, and when she tried to register it, CHP discovered it was a stolen car. The car's got around 20,000 miles on it and and should be worth around $20,000 now (original purchase price: $1500).

Picture of the Morrissey-Kawai family.