It's the end of the week -- and it's our last Frameline LGBT film fest ticket giveaway. The last one's a blowout, though -- it's passes for you and a friend to the sold-out closing night movie and party Sunday night! Whoooo!

Frameline goes out in style, starting out with Sunday night's 7:30 p.m. Castro screening of Itty Bitty Titty Committee at the Castro, an exuberantly-idealistic radical feminist punk rocker romantic comedy by the director of But I'm A Cheerleader about baby-dyke love at the grrrl-power revolution. Inspiration preview clip above.

And after the film, keep the energy going at the Swedish-American, where there'll be food, drink, dancing, and the festival awards! What better way to close out yet another great Frameline film fest?

Movie at 7:30 on Sunday at the Castro, party at 10 at the Swedish-American. We'll announce winners by 4:00 today.

Update: Yipes! There's no longer any passes to the party -- just to the movie. Email us if you want to withdraw your contest entry and we'll take you out of the proverbial hat from which we draw the proverbial names.

Thanks to Frameline and Larsen Associates for sponsoring the SFist Frameline ticket giveaways!