We eagerly asked Analisa, a Sunnyvale native and Berkeley grad, to tell us more. "Analisa," we wrote back, "to the untrained eye, it might appear that O Boxers are no different from the cheaper garments that one could buy at Ross Dress For Less or Lane Bryant. How is the experience of wearing an O Boxer different?"

Her reply: "For the untrained eye, they are just basic black underwear, their sensory feeling is the most important when it comes to wearing O." Ah! Sensory feeling. The very best kind.

Alas, there are no known photographs of anyone wearing O. Oh no! (Maybe that's because the undies aren't available in stores; although we're told that they'll be featured somehow in SF Fashion Week.) But that's where you come in to save the day, readers! We're giving away a pair of undies, but there's conditions attached: once won, the winner must model the fabled undergarments in question, sending us celebratory photo documentation to be posted on SFist as a testament to "the feeling of silk underwear," whatever that means. Attention whores, now's your big chance!

Register below for your chance to win an opportunity to wear a bold new frontier atop your netherbits. Nontraditional model physiques are heartily encouraged -- begged, in fact -- to enter. Deadline is June 25; winners will be announced, pictorially, as soon as possible.