As this Sesame Street YouTube clip asks, who are the people in your neighborhood, Ed Jew? And -- good idea, commenter Apioca Ted! Here's a summary of the declarations filed by Ed Jew's neighbors:

--Barry Hermanson: Barry was the State Assembly candidate for the Green Party, and has lived a couple houses down from Ed Jew's "address" for 17 years. Barry met Ed when both of them were running for District 4 back in 2002. It was "somewhat of a shock" for Barry to learn that Ed Jew had been claiming to live on his block for the last few years. He's never seen lights on, garbage bins, or anyone parked outside of Ed's house after the tenants left.

--Neighbor Daniel: Has lived on the block for 20 years. Walks his dog twice a day every day past Ed Jew's "house," and on the late-night walk, has only seen one light on, which looks to be on a timer. Also noticed in early 2007 that the water was running continuously at Ed's place and called it in to the PUC.

More neighbors and neighborhood service people after the jump. Who are the people in your neighborhood? In your neighborhood? In your neighborhoooooooood?