--At Intersection for the Arts, an evening of performances, readings, and conversations with formerly-incarcerated youth in The Prison Project, their year-long artistic exploration of the California penal system. $5-15, 7 p.m., 446 Valencia (x 15th).

--At the Balboa, you've got a documentary about Hitler's theft of European art works in one theater, and Knocked Up in the other. 3630 Balboa (x 38th), $8.50 (unless it's your birthday, in which case it's free!).

--Tonight at the Marsh works-in-progress show, the intriguingly-titled pieces "My Daughter, The Bongo Beater!," "Are Y'a Dating," and "I Had To Wait Half An Hour At Mt. Zion," among others. 8 p.m., $7, 1062 Valencia (x 22nd).

--Local boy and This American Life contributor Dishwasher Pete Jordan reads in Oakland from his book , about his quest to wash dishes in all 50 states. 7 p.m., A Great Good Place For Books, 6120 LaSalle Ave. in Montclair Village.

--Two options at the Commonwealth Club tonight: either the guy who ran the Stanford Prison Experiment talking about Abu Ghraib, or a biotech expert talking about the future of the field. $15, 595 Market 2nd Floor (x 2nd). Stanford Prison at 5:15, biotech at 6.

Picture of the Balboa by Steve Rhodes, who's awesome.