OMFG there totally just a street fair in the Haight! Did you know it was coming? Muni apparently did not, as the bus arrangement were decidedly last-minute. (Either that, or Muni simply didn't care/wasn't capable of doing any better ... but that couldn't be the case, could it?) Check out the above video of the 33, taken in the evening when things were winding down. A couple things of note:

- Those buses sure are bunched up at the beginning of the video -- they're practically knotted together like two mating dogs.
- Muni was running diesel buses, since the detour didn't have electric wires -- so the NextMuni transponders are definitely hooked up and relaying data from the diesels. Well, almost; there was one bus that wasn't relaying anything, so it was invisible to NextMuni. We know this because NextMuni told us to expect a half-hour wait, but we were surprised to catch an "invisible" bus 15 minutes later.
- How come, at the end of the day, two of the buses are still taking the detour (south of Haight) but one of them has resumed the normal Haight-bound route?
- And how come NextMuni is unable to understand a temporary re-route? Did it not occur to anyone that sometimes lines get disrupted? When the buses take the detour, they completely disappear from the system, which means that to an online observer the wait time could skyrocket to an hour or more. Next time, Muni, please let NextBus know, "hey, we're moving the route south by two blocks, so don't grey-out the buses just because they've moved off the regular route for a few minutes."