Number of people pictured whom we recognize: 2 -- Charlotte Maillard Shultz and a way-too-skinny-looking Vanessa Getty.

Minority count: 6 (10.9%).

Getty v. Traina: 1-7. Big ups to C.Big for the comparison of the Steel-Traina family to the von Trapps! So long, farewell, auf wiedersein, good night.

Number of hot dog hats pictured: 1, and it rocks.

Days until the Barneys SF opens: 107 (Sept. 18).

Days until the Nan Kempner fashion show exhibit opens at the DeYoung: 13 (June 16). Quote of the day, from Ms. Kempner: "I tell people all the time I want to be buried naked. I know there will be a store where I'm going."

Number of years Chronicle Books has been around: 40. They used to sit next door to Phil Bronstein, who had a sign on his door that said, "Phil Bronstein -- Investigative Reporter." Ha!

Number of "savvy and fashionable blond swans" at the Bill Blass fall collection showing hosted by the SF Ballet Auxiliary and Saks: 2 -- the aforementioned Charlotte Maillard Shultz and Vanessa Getty, who were reported to have sat together and said, "That would look great on you!" to each other.

For some reason, the Chron hasn't uploaded the Swells pictures for this week yet, so you're getting a picture of "out-there knitwear" by Yu-Shu "Mue" Kim from the AAU fashion show from SFiS by John Lee instead. It's too bad, because the picture of the woman wearing a hot dog hat really is awesome. If the pictures get uploaded later today, we'll update the post.