Mets 4 Giants 2- The big news yesterday wasn't the Giants loss, but the loss of Armando Benitez who somehow got traded to the Florida Marlins for Randy Messenger. Messenger is pretty non-descript as a pitcher except for the fact he's 6' 6". The deal probably had to be made as the pitchfork brigade was banging on the door and demanding heads and some of those people holding pitchforks were fellow teammates. In a way, the whole thing is like when the Giants got rid of Livian Hernandez after the 2002 World Series, not necessarily because he was a bad pitcher, but because Giants fans were so ticked off by his blowing Game 7 that the Giants had to get rid of him. It also makes the series against the Marlins in July suddenly interesting because it could be Giants' fans first opportunity to kiss their favorite reliever goodbye.

Anyways, Brad Hennessey will be the new closer and we can dig it.

As for the game, once again Matt Cain was the recipient of some bad Giants O as they only got three hits and two runs. No, Cain didn't pitch a great game but it's hard to pick up a win if the team isn't hitting.