A gay African-American high school English teacher at the private Urban School is recovering from three stab wounds he received a few weeks ago while eating at the Taqueria Cancun down near Mission and 29th Street. A woman came into the taqueria and started yelling racial and anti-gay slurs at people in the restaurant, and when the teacher and his friends tried to get away from her, she attacked him with the knife. The SFPD responded and arrested the woman, who's pled not guilty to the charges.

And Leah Garchik reports that eight cops were called to South Van Ness and 16th Street last Saturday upon reports of shootings! Bang Bang!! Sirens! Running! Guns drawn! ..... only to find out that they were just gunshots in the Theater Rhinoceros's rehearsal for the play , about genderqueering the war in Iraq. Noise travels far on that block -- at the rehearsal the day before, the actors had been bombarded with noise from the Moe! kestra group playing at the Lab down the street.

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