When we complained about Frontier Airlines LAX-SFo flights going away, our helpful commenters had a short discussion on high-speed railways and what a great thing they'd be. How timely, then, that the CoCo times is reporting the latest on that possibility.

And, darn it, it ain't promising.

The article reports that in his 2007 budget, Guv. Schwarzenegger has proposed reduced funding for the California High-Speed Rail Authority, as well indefinite postponement of a nearly $10 billion rail bond issue that we'd have voted on in 2008. However, Schwarzenegger's camp says the governor wants to make sure enough private financing for a high-speed rail is in place before asking the taxpayers to contribute. Which seems to make some sense -- it's still fishy that the Governator is being so quiet about it, though.

The attempt to stifle the high-speed rail faces some opposition from our Assemblywoman, Fiona Ma, and her informal "high-speed rail caucus."