To tell you the truth, we were hesitant to share this restaurant review with you, because we were worried that you would swarm our favorite neighborhood breakfast place and extend our wait for corned beef hash, but now, with the collapse of the 80/580 interchange, we have nothing to worry about. So here goes...

There are many good and great places for breakfast in the East Bay. Maybe it’s the easier parking, the slower-paced lifestyle, but in all our 18 years of living in the Bay Area, while we’ve had a good breakfast or two on the west side of the water, we always have associated a leisurely sunny Sunday scramble and coffee with Berkeley and Oakland.

And while locals and tourists flock to Bette’s Oceanview Diner on Fourth Street, and Berkeley foodies will wait forever for a table at the tiny Rick & Ann’s, we will now share with you one of our secret out-of-the-way favorites: the Full House Café.

Located in the unassuming Laurel District, off of 580 between 35th and High streets, the Full House is friendly, welcoming, generally blessed with not-too-long of a wait — especially in the earlier hours of the morning, and serves, of course, fabulous food.

In keeping with the name, the décor includes a fair amount of poker-referenced art, including that poster of the card-playing dogs. And perhaps in homage to the fresh ingredients, and a simpler time, walls are also adorned with burlap potato and vegetable sack art.

But the food is the thing. We love the hashes.

After the jump: corned beef hash, lots of other hashes, and -- can it be?? -- even more meat options!