Who needs Coachella when there’s Oppikoppi, a rock music festival held in South Africa every year? Really, we would have loved to have been at Coachella this weekend, but if you couldn’t be there, the SF International Film Festival was a great place to be instead.

Last night, at Bunny Chow, John Barker’s debut feature film, we roadtripped to Oppikoppi along with a trio of young Johannesburg comedians (who themselves are played by famous South African comedians). The film is named for a South African sandwich, a mixture of curry, vegetables, and meats, often consumed after a long night out. We’ve been told that the hot, spicy curry used in the bunny chow will sober up even the worst of the crew. (No bunnies are actually involved in the bunny chow sandwich, incidentally.)

The film itself is bunny chow for an audience looking for some loose, spontaneous humor, and showcases the three absolutely hilarious young men, whose friendship, relationships, and adventures left us hooting. The music is catchy, and there’s not a dull moment. Make sure you grab your popcorn before heading into this one cuz you won’t wanna miss a second.

SFist Wendy goes from South African to Algeria, after the jump.

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