Let's catch everyone up in what's going on in the world of the sports blogs

-Golden State of Mind gets itself geeked for "the biggest Warriors game in twelve years." Someone at the Merc, however, tries to rain on the Warriors parade.

-Nellie, on the other hand, doesn't seem to be concerned about any of this as he makes both a dick joke and a booze joke.

-Will the Mavs care about tonight's game or will they take the night off?

-Ray Ratto says the Sharks are now in the driver's seat and Mark Purdy says it's because the Sharks are learning to turn the other cheek.

-Athletics Nation says don't you worry about the A's offense.

-Here's when you know somebody really hates Barry Bonds, when they go after him for honoring Jackie Robinson's number.

-The Bucs are offering the store to the Raiders to get their draft pick.

Oh, and the video above is the one that's going around everywhere today. It's of a fan at a Red Sox game having a piece of pizza thrown at him.