During May, June, and July, Muni's going to be throwing every tool in their arsenal directly at the J. As one of the worst-performing lines, they're experimenting to see what it takes to turn things around. What works? What doesn't? "Oh Lord, do we have the strength to carry out this mighty task in one night? Or are we just jerking off?"

So the Transit Effectiveness Project is looking for regular J-riders (people who ride at least four times per week) to submit daily reports about how things are working out. Be Muni's eyes and ears! Email Jennifer.Ulbrich at sfmta d0t c0m if you'd like to volunteer. Here's what they'll ask of you, with results available around August:

* date/time you rode
* boarding/alighting stops
* how many minutes you waited for the train
* how many minutes the ride took
* whether or not you observed train bunching (e.g., two trains arriving close together)
* your perceptions of how crowded the train was (light, moderate, heavy, extreme)
* other comments/observations you have

Sounds like fun, right? And we have a sneaky suspicion that riders of the J have quite a few comments/observations to make after last week.