Because we're not ashamed to admit we actually paid to see NSync live when we were 17, miss Justin's white boy 'fro, and still have the program from that concert somewhere in our parents' house...Because the stars finally aligned, and both Justin Timberlake AND Prince William are single (call us, Willie, we totes fancy you!)...And because we want Justin to dedicate "What Goes Around Comes Around" to Gavin Newsom when JT comes to town in September.

What does this all mean? We got tickets to see Justin Timberlake himself at the HP Pavillion on September 12th. Just enter away and we'll be handing out passes to a pair of tickets for the show. We'll pull a winner in a week, on April 24th.

If you want tickets yourself to the concert, go here. And if you want to join the AEG mailist to know what else is going on, go here.

Photo of Justin Timberlake and Kylie Minogue from Guardian UK

With help from SFist Jon

Image replaced to avoid hotlinking. Photo of Tina Turner's cat courtesy of the Institute for Private Dancing Studies.