UPDATE! Let's just pretend that our embarassingly mispelled hedline is a Lindsay Lohan joke. Yeah, sure, that's the ticket.

Thanks for sending in pix and video of your own experiences with Muni's near-meltdown (and please, remember to not be jerks when using your cameras). Didja catch us complaining on NBC11's news last night? (The reporter is still seeking comments from riders, BTW -- so send her an email.) As expected, Muni's still staggering around, unpredictable and dangerous like a drunken camel. Readers report that the best remedy is simply walking to your destination; or biking, if you don't mind Matier and Ross sneering at you from their ivory limousines.

Are things improving? Does Muni have a plan? Do they have any advice for avoiding delays? Nobody knows. Muni's clammed up tight, making as little info available to the public as possible. Muni boss Nat Ford rode the trains yesterday, which is nice ... but y'know, a single apologist can only reach so many people, and it still don't get you to work on time. They did eventually start handing out xeroxed I'm-sorries, but so what? That's still barely an acknowledgment of the problem -- Muni still offers no tips, no guidance, no plan, no promises, no predictions, no advice. There is, however, a place to submit complaints. Have at it, folks.

Money's one cause of this problem -- if it had more sources of income, Muni could've taken longer to test their system. But hey, it's more important that San Francisco has cheap parking lots, right? Screw transit riders, it's all about the car.

Now if only there was some highly-visible public forum in which protesters could confront Muni leaders about this past miserable week. That would be terribly fun.