The reason for the suspension is because the girl, Toni Kay (now an 8th grader) apparently ran afoul of the school's pretty strict dress code. The code says that thou shall only wear solid colors as well as no pictures and logos and definitely no denim. Kay, along with her sister, appears to be the rebel types and have flaunted the rules several times. In the past, Kay wore jeans, a shirt with a logo, and a D.A.R.E t-shirt while her sister showed up in class one day wearing one of those Jesus Rules type Ts. For her latest school fashion faux pas, Kay wound up first in the principal's office and then a detention program called "Students With Attitude Problems" (that sounds like a great name for a white rap group: "Straight out of Napa/another crazy ass vintner/More grapes I crush, yo, my rep gets bigger...")

We would like to add too that even though the Kays appear to be sporting dorky and sort-of Republican attire without any sense of irony, we still think they rock.

So now the ACLU is suing because they are saying a dress code is unconstitutional unless proven necessary for whatever reason, like trying to keep kids from sporting gang colors. They say that Kay's little Tigger Power move doesn't quite meet that definition. School authorities, aka "the Squares," say they need to have a dress code because it keeps the angst level down as people are unable to get into fashion-offs with each other and the school has been relatively fight-free since the implementation of the code. A father of school kids said it was important to have the dress code too because it'll keep kids from wearing gang clothes to which we wonder--are there gangs in Napa?