We just saw The Science of Sleep, please don't fault us for it. Please don't tell us how we're oh so late in mentioning this brillant movie. You'll just ruin the high we still have from seeing it. We loved every second of it, the characters, the cellophane water, the music, but most of all we couldn't get over the craft of it. We do mean to give a nod here to the amazing Michel Gondry, but really we want to talk about the woman behind the creatures that brought the dream seqeunces to life, Lauri Faggioni. How have so many people talked to us about this film and not mentioned Faggoni's creations? Her birds, ponies, and plush typewriters? No matter, we're just thrilled we know about her fabulous fiber art now.

The Science of Sleep got our minds racing in so many ways, we thought about how nice it was to see craft used in film, how essential it was in creating all the many surreal layers of the movie. But after watching the little featurette on Lauri Faggioni in her studio, talking about all of her projects, we sort of got obsessed with the idea of making creatures and stuffed phones ourselves, and then we did some digging for more inspiration. Here's some of what we found.

Flock of mini-chicks created and photographed by Stephanie Barnes of Little Birds.