Here's our Caption Action entry for the picture above!

Oscar winner Al Gore, Oscar-less Leonardo diCaprio, and our pick in the pool for Best Supporting Actor (in the role of John Nelson), Peter Ragone.

And yes, you heard it correctly from commenter Ragone Has Resigned -- former mayoral press secretary Peter Ragone is leaving his recently retitled job as Director of Communications in City Hall to move up the street to work out of the Newsom reelection campaign office at Van Ness and Sutter. Ragone will be replaced at City Hall by Nathan Ballard, the former press secretary for the Northern California John Kerry campaign.

So what's this all mean? Well, we've got a difference of opinion at RagoneWatch headquarters. SFist Jon thinks it's just a routine job reassignment and that Ragone will continue to be a force on the reelection side. We're wondering, though, in light of the commentary on the SFWall, whether this is actually some kind of Office Space-like situation, where first they change Ragone's title, then they move him to an office further away from the Big Guy, and he ends up in a janitorial closet, clutching his red Swingline stapler and muttering, "I could set the building on fire."

Picture by SFist Jackson from the 2005 Current TV launch. And sorry for the delay in posting this -- we had a comical mixup where we thought SFist Jon was on it, and SFist Jon thought we were. We need a Director of Communications around here!