So let's go the families. A couple of days ago, the parents of one of the kids who got beat up sent a letter to Kamala Harris wondering what's up. They apparently got themselves some evidence, mainly from their lawyers that pretty clearly laid out the case against the beater uppers. In response, Kamala said she understands their frustration but they're still working on it. Which brings up Dan Noyes' interview with Kamala which is painful in the same way watching "the Office" can be painful except without any of the humor. You can watch her visibly squirm in her attempt to not actually answer any questions. She did say, however, that something would happen soon enough.

As for the Marines, there's a bit more information on them. It has been confirmed that there were three Marines involved, all part of an elite anti- acapella fighting force. The Marine Corp has been alerted to the problem and is apparently cooperating with the SFPD. We don't know if someone from the SFPD is going to fly out to Japan to interview the guy stationed in Japan but it sounds like the Marines are doing everything they can to help out.

And finally, there's Ken Garcia who once again steps up to the plate to bat for the assailants. Ken basically says that there's so much disinformation out there that the gang from the 415 won't be able to get a fair trial. Garcia also reiterates that the Yale Group was just as much to blame as the others for the fight and that it was more of a gang fight than an actual assault. If so, why did only one group seem to get the worst of it? Unless, of course, an acapella group made up of richies from Yale who sing in an acapella group aren't the best fighters out there. You would think, however, that if you sang in an acapella group, you'd at least learn how to defend yourself.