Anyways, what the story is about is that on the night Officer Bryan Tuvera was shot, the Gav was at a holiday party and when he showed up at the hospital, he was a little un-sober. Said one witness: "was he staggering drunk? No. But you could smell it on him, and you could see it on him." He was apparently pretty emotional and hugging everyone-- a little too much it is said. He also posed for pictures with the hospital staff.

Apparently, the story has been making the rounds for the past couple of weeks, enough so that Matier & Ross felt obliged to comment about it. We'll let you figure if there's any machinations behind that too.

Now, on the one hand, stories like this are always a little embarrassing to the person involved, mainly the Mayor. It's easy for tongue to wag and we're sure tongues are wagging. On the other hand, well it was a Friday night and Gavin was doing what we all would do-- having a bit of fun on a Friday night. How much of a personal life is he allowed to have? We hardly think he's the first politician to be somewhat indisposed when some sort of emergency or the other popped up. You can't tell us Willie was constantly on call 24/7 and was never, ever doing something he shouldn't have been doing (although we have a feeling Willie, consumate pro that he was, could hold his liquor like nobody and that he was usually indisposed in other ways and we think you know what we mean, nudge...nudge...wink...wink). And unlike a certain President we all know and love, Gavin was both awake and not on an endless vacation.

Still, the story is a bit on the embarrassing side, especially if you're running for re-election.