The number of ramekins Ann Getty is filling with souffle batter for San Francisco's newest social institution, Super Supper Sunday: 40.

The length of time Ann Getty's BFF Jo Schuman Silver has lived with Ann Getty: 3 years.

The private plane they call "the Jetty": A 727.

Square footage of the Getty mansion: over 50,000 square feet, which includes a recording studio for Gordon Getty and a private Montessori school for the Getty grandkids.

Stanlee Gatti count: 3 (described as "equal parts Robert Isabell and Ward McAllister." We don't even know what that means!)

Getty v. Traina: 81-54. A Getty blowout!

SFist count: One!!!!! "There's even a website,, that keeps a running tally of each couple [Getty and Traina]'s mentions in the San Francisco Chronicle's must-read Swells column." But what about our Brittanie Mountz/Chris Daly/obsessive sports coverage?