Man, the San Francisco Police Officers' Association president Gary Delagnes is all over the news these days! We're setting up a Google News Alert for Delagnes even as we speak!

--On Heather Fong's leadership style, Delagnes told the Chron today, "The cops in this department feel as though they are under siege.... [Fong] has a quiet, understated style. She believes diplomacy is the way to go. The cops on the street feel that diplomacy isn't going to work to deal with a broken discipline process and a morale problem." Fong responds, "I will never be like our POA president. I will never rant and rave and pound on the podium. It's not me. But I will fight for the officers in the Police Department."

--Last week, Delagnes said that by making pot crimes a low priority, the city has ensured that pot prices will go up because the clubs charge a premium on their weed.

--And finally, remember that SFPD cop who (may or may not have) killed himself in custody in Thailand when he was arrested for child sex abuse? The feds are now investigating whether any other cops knew at the time that the officer was traveling abroad (for months at a time and on a regular basis) to have sex with minors. Delagnes told ABC 7 today that, "I thought he was engaging in sexual activity, but was never led to believe it was with underage people or minors." (But you may also want to note that last week, he told Matier and Ross that "Everyone knew -- absolutely -- what he was going over there for.")