Okay, here's today’s team on a move recap:

As for things in Oaktown, the repercussions of the A's possible move to Fremont has mainly been a shrug and a cry of "so whadda you going do about it?". Most Oakland officials said they did their best but were stymied by Wolff and his desires on what he wanted to do, mainly develop a whole bunch of crap around the stadium (you can't take the developer out of some people). The plan needed land and there was no land to give. Said Jerry Brown: "God creates land, not the Tribune, not the mayor." True dat. In fact, Jerry made a half-way decent point about ballparks being problematic in urban environments due to congestion, a problem not faced by many other cities who built stadiums in urban environments. But still, he apparently got into a fight with City Manager Robert Bobb because Bobb wanted the stadium and Brown wanted housing. Wanting housing over a new stadium is a toughy.

The announcement of the move to Fremont and the birth of the "East Bay A's of Fremont" is to come today. Try putting that on a jersey.