The problem is that under the rules of Care Not Cash, most of their welfare money goes to their rooms with only a little bit left over to make ends meet. The eighty or so denizens of the hotel, the McAllister Hotel could go to coffee shops to surf the web but that costs money and when money's tight, going online might not be the best thing to do.

So right now, the hotel is trying to find a way of getting the $2000 or so bucks to wire the hotel and a director for the city's homeless policy said that while they don't have the money for it just yet, there's a possibility they could do something about it.
And if the city ever gets the Wi-Fi thing going, well, hello.

To help out, a benefit for the McCallister Hotel will take place Tuesday at the Soluna Cafe and Lounge with some comedians, including Kevin Avery of Live 105's "Siskel and Negro" fame). We say check it out.