And now, here's where you folks come in: After you've bought your ticket, let us know in the comments which of the entertainers you'd like us to interview. We can't absolutely guarantee that we'll be able to -- these showbiz types are a busy bunch -- but the PR folks who are publicizing the show have offered to set up interviews. So who are we to say no? We're leaning towards Rip Taylor and the guy who performs with Madame, but you might prefer an American Idol instead. Take a look at the list, after the jump.

Update: Recently, there's been an upswing in pro-Federov comments. We can only assume that this is the result of some kind of wily homosexual conspiracy.

Update on the update! ... It has been suggested that our previous update is inappropriate and offensive to homosexuals. After an exhaustive internal review, it has been determined that this issue is not particularly interesting.