At Ford Field, the two teams brawled like a couple of clumsy middle school gym wrestlers, with neither able to decisively put the other away amid all the clambering. The game was still in question in the fourth quarter until a Keith Lewis interception removed all doubt. A road win. A

As for our Raiders, well... just like their meeting earlier this season, they put the overconfident Denver Broncos on the ropes, and then let 'em off the hook in losing 17-13. The Silver And Black power mullet defense got INT after INT from Denver's bad-decision-making QB Jake Plummer. Things were looking do-able! It was positive!

Then, like a doomed souffle or the Bay Bridge -- at the pivotal time, everything collapsed. Damn you, Shanahan. Damn you.

Next up on your American Football Spectacular: Analysis of the games, including the petty one the Niners' "leadership" is playing with the city of Santa Clara, and the city-and-county of San Francisco. Also, we hope Bill Walsh is feeling better.

By SFist Christopher Rogers for "American Football Spectacular," contributing

road win!