When does the RCV count begin -- in the District 6 election! And as promised earlier, this week's episode is indeed titled: Everybody Hates The Wait.

--Man, it sounds like we the Dalys' almost-to-victory speeches at the DNA Lounge last night. Savannah Blackwell (yay! she's writing again!) has the good word. We're trying our best to get YouTube footage of Mrs. Chris Daly telling off "the motherf**kers at the Golden Gate Restaurant Association," and if we find it, you know we're going to pimp it in a separate post! And -- nooooo! The Dalys were thinking about moving to the 'burbs? Stay, Chris, stay! Do we have to give you the same speech we gave Potrero Hill Mike?

--On the 39% side, the mood was described by Pat Murphy over at the Sentinel as "grim" and words were "spoken through tightened lips." (Nice pictures of the scene at MoMo's, though!)

--There's some teeth-gnashing by the anti-Dalys on the SF Wall, and some gloating over at the Junto.

--And over there at the MSM, the Chron seems to be trying to make nice with Daly now that they've got four more years of entertaining local politics coverage to look forward to. Look, M&R's outraged -- today -- by the SFSOS lower-intestine ad. Meanwhile, the Examiner kicks the dirt and mutters "nuts!" under its breath in its terse coverage.

--An interesting stat, pointed out on SFJunto. Daly (5471, 49.66%) got fewer votes total than Alix Rosenthal (6260, 30.57%). Low turnout and lots of candidates in District 6, high turnout and fewer candidates in District 8.

--Someone give Matt Drake a job! Also, does anyone know exactly how much money was spent in the District 6 race? We thought we read an estimate of $300,000 in independent expenditures for Black and $120,000 in self-funding by Daly, but we're not sure if that's right. If you know, post it in the comments!

--We saw the headline "Padres Hire Black As Manager" on the Gate and our first thought was maybe that's why Rob Black was always at MoMo's! Similarly, we were shocked to also see the headline Daly Headed To Fourth Divorce.

We'll try and update this throughout the day as we hear stuff.

Picture of a crying Sarah Daly and triumphant Chris Daly by flickr user willsfca.

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