at Orpehum Theatre
We never thought mainstream theater would consider goths a strong potential audience, but we've already seen Wicked, Lestat (well, we'll try to forget about that one) and now Edward Scissorhands. Best of Broadway is marketing this adaptation of Tim Burton's film as a "musical without words," but we'll call it "Edward without Johnny Depp," and forgive them for that. Superstar choreographer Matthew Bourne has already put his stamp on such classics as Carmen (retitled The Car Man and featuring sexy blue-collar men and their gals) and Swan Lake (an all-male cast), so we're dying to see how his mix of classic and popular dance transforms Burton's funky suburban fairytale. And, this is a North American premiere, to boot.
Playing November 11 through December 10

Doubt at Golden Gate Theatre
If you thought you had to go to New York to see Tony Award-winning plays with their original Tony Award-winning cast, think again. This play nabbed the 2005 Tony and the Pulitzer, and Best Actress Cherry Jones and Best Featured Actress Adriane Lenox are touring with the show. (The play even picked up a Best Direction Tony.) Jones is one of American theater's grand dames, so you won't see much better, even in New York. Now, the subject matter is a bit dark: playwright John Patrick Shanley seemed inspired by all of these instances of Catholic priests going astray, and penned a story of a priest who might have done the same and a strong-minded nun who has to decide whether or not to speak up about it. (Can you believe this is by the same guy who wrote Moonstruck and Joe Versus the Volcano?) Tip: Best of Broadway is offering $25 orchestra pit seats--a huge bargain. Check out the details.
Playing through December 3

Funny But Mean Goes to the Future at Exit Theatre
Just to prove that we're not just about big touring shows--and, for that matter, that we're not just about straight theater--we're plugging sketch comedy group Funny But Mean, which bills its brand of comedy as "cruel and unusual." Hip enough to be bicoastal (its site lists New York and San Francisco cast members), the group installs itself in Exit Theatre about twice a year or so--generally, whenever producer Richard Ciccarone finds himself back in town--and very much amuses former 'Fister Eve Batey. So, we'll take her word for it and check 'em out ourselves.
Playing November 13 and 20

Photo of Richard Winsor and Kerry Biggin in Edward Scissorhands by Bill Cooper.

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Edward Scissorhands