They called the race for Feinstein like 5 minutes after the polls closed in California. Pelosi is not only going to win, she's going to be the next Speaker of the House! Let's hope she'll bring home some pork for the Bay Area!

In the other race everyone's watching, Republican Richard Pombo over in Tracy is trailing McNerney, slightly.

Update: McNerney wins!

Other races, the Democrats are winning nicely. Yes to Lantos, yes to Barbara Lee, yes to Pete Stark.

Local (we're too depressed to do State just yet)

San Francisco first, because we live here.

Something other than District 6? No! Unopposed Phil Ting and Jeff Adachi win. District 2: Michela Alioto-Pier winning with 80%, doesn't look like they've done the write-in count yet. District 4: Dudum, Jew, Mak, Chan. RCV, here we come. District 8: Dufty at 65%. District 10: Sophie Maxwell with 55%.

School board: Jane Kim, Hydra Mendoza, Kim-Shree Maufas.

Propositions: Question Time is winning! WE'RE SO EXCITED!!!! Everything else is winning too, except for the parking tax. You voted to give Gavin Newsom a raise? (And impeach Bush and Cheney!)

Other localities, plus the state races, after the jump.