OBVIOUS: Scoreless In Seattle

EMOTIONAL: The Rain Can Hide The Tears

TIMELY: See How Poorly A System Works When There Are No Checks And Balances?

FASHIONABLE: At Least Our Uniforms Look Far Classier

SPITEFUL: At Least We Don't Have An Early Playoff Knockout To Look Forward To, Like You Guys

ACCEPTING: At Least It's Not Raining In Oakland

MANTRA: Your Oakland Raiders: That Knee-To-The-Groin Feeling For Fans Opponents

LOCAL: The Raiders Got Beat So Bad, The A's Won't Even Share A Stadium With Them Anymore

PRACTICAL: Using The Raiders' Offensive Line As A Colander For Easy Meals

IRONIC: American Football Sacktacular

ANGRY: Mailing Offensive Coordinator Tom Walsh Back To Idaho Piece By Piece

By SFist Christopher Rogers for "American Football Spectacular," contributing