We vowed we wouldn't do it, but since we're obsessively hitting refresh on our browser every five minutes anyways, we might as well! We may take off in a bit to hit some of these election parties we've been hearing about, but here's where we are for now. Updates on top, like a mini-blog.

12:10 a.m.: Okay, we're calling it quits for today. The stats are: Daly at 49.66% with 5,471 votes and Black at 39.14% with 4,312. So to win, Daly's gotta get 5510 votes (total number of votes cast = 11,018, divide by two, plus 1). That means Daly needs to get 39 second place votes (5510-5471). RCV will toss out Robert Jordan's 75 first-place votes first and run through the second place choices of his supporters, and then Dias (142), and then Jimenez (189), etc. As soon as Daly gets 39 votes or more, he's declared the winner. [There's other mathematical possibilities but we're not going through them here. Stats folks, please feel free to pontificate in the comments about exhausted ballots and the like!]

They'll finish counting the rest of the absentees and provisionals, and then start the arduous RCV count. Probably we'll get the first numbers by Thursday or Friday. You should expect your next Everybody Hates Chris column to bear the title "Everybody Hates The Wait."

Thanks, you guys, for playing along with us! And we gotta say -- we have totally enjoyed reading everyone's comments throughout this election season. We hope you'll all stay with us at SFist post-Daly (and maybe suggest a good title for the upcoming columns about... the mayoral race!)

11:40 p.m.: Eve over there at the ChronBlog reports that Manuel Jimenez has conceded. He misspelled "congratulations." Also, the ChronBlog goes with a blog post about how "Everybody LOVES Chris." (with credit here, which we appreciate.) Oh, we see, now that it looks like Chris is ahead, the Chron's going to be all like, "we love you now, Chris!" We see through your cunning ploy, Ms. Batey! (We miss you, Eve! We wish we were liveblogging this election with you on this side!)

11:29 p.m.: The Guardian made it out to the Black event, which is described as "swanky." The Daly event, not so much with the swanky, we can report. (here's the Guardian's report from Club Daly -- we think we might have seen Amanda writing that post!) They're getting massages at MoMo's! We totally should have gone to that party. Black is upbeat about winning it in RCV.

11:25 p.m.: Anger and gnashing of teeth by Black supporters. It's not over until it's over, guys -- Daly's not at 50% yet. Bevan Dufty pulled out from second place in a runoff to win!

Also, some number mumbo-jumboing, for those of you who like that (Public Service Announcement's 11:10 p.m. post).

11:22 p.m.: Whoops! Sorry we turned the whole site italic there. We fixed the tag.

10:40 p.m.: Chris at 49.66%, Rob at 39.14%. 10:30 p.m. count, 98.97% of the vote in. It would be so Daly if he was like two votes away from 50% and then Black wins it in RCV.

Picture of dual-endorsing corner store by SFist MattyMatt.