Love is Chemicals will be at Café Du Nord tomorrow night, and if you haven’t seen this local act yet, Go! Nate Grover, the singer of Love is Chemicals. has undergone the arduous SFist interview in anticipation of the event. True, this show may not involve fighting robots, but you gotta love Grover’s hopeful and realistic attitude about the music scene in this town as well as his picks for movies and artists and tips on pet photography. You can listen to songs from Love is Chemicals here.

Best show you've ever played and what made it great?
We played a show in an art space in the SOMA where they build fighting robots. We played with good friends The Invisible Cities and The Child Who Was A Keyhole (from Salt Lake City). The venue had a house kit that was situated behind a giant rhino skull. We shared the stage with a gang of chainsaw-wielding robots, which somehow made our music sound better. This, of course, was the show our parents decided to come to.

Best venue in the world?
The world? That's hard to say. Our favorite so far has been Mezzanine. They've got dressing rooms, a shower, and a fully-stocked fridge. The stage is big enough so that we're not all bumping into each other. The sound was great and they even had a lighting technician. They have couches for the audience to sit on. Really great place.

Best fans in the world?
The ones that come to see us headline at 12:30 on a Tuesday night and still find the energy to cheer.

What's your favorite song to perform?
Occasionally we'll do a cover of "Brand New Key" by Melany. There's something beautiful about a sizable, bearded man (me), singing in sweet falsetto, "I've got a brand new pair of roller-skates." I also get to scream a lot, which is cathartic.

Favorite collaborators?
My mates! To me, Love is Chemicals is a dream line-up. We're constantly working on a million new songs because these people make collaboration so fun. It's part of what keeps me engaged; I'm in love with our chemistry (clever, I know).

Lamest request made at a show?
An event planner asked us to play lighter so that people could talk. No joke.

What's it take to get a gig in this town anyway?
Not a lot. There are hundreds of places to play in San Francisco. If you're in a band here, there's no reason you shouldn't play out. If you're a small touring band, I hear it's tougher. I believe they're taking bribes at the Hemlock Tavern.

Check out Lovis Chemicals November 1st at Café Du Nord. They open for Finest Dearest and Teri Falini and go on first. Door at 8:30. 21+ $7