Yesterday we reviewed the team's offseason futzing, its new identity, and the numbers game heading into the 2006-2007 season.

The roster is set, and there is an energy and a spark and a focus that hasn't been apparent in past years, but it will take more than a great preseason to wash away the skepticism forged by 12 long, frustrating, painful years spent wandering in the wilderness.

There is hope, but hope is a fragile beauty.

The Warriors 2006-2007 season is about as transparent as a backdated stock option report, but sometimes fuzzy math is a good thing. Image from


The guards will be the driving force of this team in Nelson's up-tempo approach. And good thing too, because the Warriors are deep at the guard positions. Mickael Pietrus officially joins Biddy and JRich in the starting lineup this year. The Warriors are looking to Pietrus to be the defensive stopper they've needed forever, but they also expect him to contribute offensively. The second string looks pretty good, too, with second-year man Monta Ellis ready to have a breakout season if he can stay out of Nellie's doghouse and Dujuan Wagner eyeing comeback player of the year honors. Free agent pickup Anthony Roberson was lightning in a bottle this preseason and should get plenty of PT. Keith McLeod should be able to hold down the fort at point behind Baron.