We're not calling this an "Everybody Hates Chris" post only because we're starting to think there are too many posts on the SFist front page that bear that title. This week's episode: Everybody Hates Critical Mass.

Flickr user and bike rider DainaBeth sends along her picture of Chris Daly at last week's Halloween Critical Mass ride. Here's the caption to her picture:

I actually wasn't sure at first if this was my supervisor Chris Daly or a really clever costume.

Ha! A scary Chris Daly costume for Halloween would be awesome. Here's another picture of Chris at Critical Mass (he does look like he's getting over a cold, doesn't he? Maybe a jaunty green scarf around the neck, Chris?)

And -- c'mon, Anyone But Chris candidates! Surely Pat Murphy isn't the only Rob Black supporter out there? Maybe Black's in the lead in the electoral polls, but he's getting in the SFist submission races. We did, however, find a picture of Rob Black with Gavin Newsom, where Gavin's doing the same dance Brittanie Mountz did at the Levi's party a few weeks back. Pics after the jump, for you to compare.

Thanks for the picture, DainaBeth! Also, we love your Halloween costumes! And to everyone else -- keep sending your stuff on in.