Needless to say, we do have some Pelosi & Pals news today as the Washington Post has a big feature on some anti-lobbying bill she's been working on for awhile that could see the light of day if she does become Madame Speaker. Lots of bans on travel and gifts are involved and we'll see what happens the moment she does become Madame Speaker. Our guess is that it'll pass with loopholes a' plenty.

Meanwhile, that weird disconnect between SF and the rest of the country over the "alleged" liberal-ness of Ms. Pelosi is becoming a national story as the LA Times is now reporting on it and from there, it made it's way to Wonkette. We love reading people snarking on the Bay Guardian from all the way in D.C.

Meanwhile, the Ignored Three-- Krissy Keefer (Green Party), Philip Berg (Libertarian Party) and Mike DeNunzio (Republican Party)-- are going to have a debate despite the lack of attendance on the person they're trying to replace. It will be Nov. 1 at 4 PM at the Luggage Store. The Luggage Store? Couldn't they at least pick a place that says political seriousness? Was the bowling alley at the Metreon booked? And at 4? Who's around at 4 to attend a debate anyways.

Afterwards, Krissy and her Krissy Korp are going to be headed to the Warfield where a fund-raiser will occur featuring Pelosi and the Man from Hope himself, Bill Clinton. The vigil is a "Funeral for Democracy" rally and everyone will wear black and light candles. Democracy's death, of course, is the result of a "dance-activist" who attends rallies for Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez not being deemed serious enough to be asked to an official debate. If that isn't the death to democracy, we don't know what else is.