Halloween is Tuesday, which means this weekend is really the time for all of the –ists to celebrate. And whether they’re designing super-spooky costumes or talking about the super-spooky upcoming elections, we’d say that they’re doing a fine job of it.

Austinist knows that few things in life are scarier than zombies, people with way too much money, and politicians who try too hard to be funny. Slightly less scary, depending on whom you ask, are indie film makers, screenwriters, R-Rated movies, and indie rockers.

Torontoist, which just had its second birthday, proves what we already know: that Canadians aren't all that scary. Unless they're undead, dancing Canadians. Or mayoral candidates. Because, how frightening can you be if you end up writing about apples?

DCist knows that few things in life are scarier than the right-hand side of a menu. Also scary? When the underdogs win. Appropriately enough, DCist thinks you should know who DJ Spooky is. And the MPD is combatting spooky characters on the streets.

Parisist also knows how scary paying for a meal can be. Especially when you also have a ticket to pay (post in French). But the really scary thing is that this week marked the first anniversary of the deaths that started last year's riots. Fortunately, two artists are doing their part to try to prevent such things from happening in the future.

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