We need to relax, pronto! A killer gig of taking care of other people -- otherwise known as catering -- leaves us with sore muscles, red eyes, and a smile on our face. Say Wha?

Don't let anyone lie to you and say catering is easy. It's not. But we are crazy enough to enjoy doing it. Something about running around, telling people what to do (so what if our kindergarten teacher wrote in our report card that we'd be a dictator of a small island country?), working with a bunch of , and being around all that food. Catering is a great way to keep up with culinary trends. Also, we have always been so vain, and are enamored with the added bonus of how easy our clothes fit, from all that physical work.

Supervising catering means we are bombarded with chances to ask, or more likely, tell our staff to please move or do something. Sorry Mick Jagger, but in catering, time is NOT on our side. There are a zillion components to coordinate and then execute. Wearing a watch (and the right shoes) is vital. Once an event begins and guests arrive, the catering machine revs into high gear --vrrrrrroooom! Ideally, time flies by as customers get their food, eat and enjoy.

Of course issues come up. That's what they pay us the big bucks for: to solve problems. We have yet to tell an employee, co-worker, customer, or vendor to drink a nice big cup of STFU. Shhhh, that was the voice in our head talking!

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