We figure if we get called anti-Daly by the pro-Dalys, and pro-Daly by the antis, we're probably doing something right -- in the District 6 election! This week's episode: Everybody Hates Question Time -- and not just Proposition I either.

See? As promised, if you anti-Dalys send us entertaining pictures or anecdotes, we're happy to run them -- and not just as a caption contest either! ("") This picture was sent to us by Pat Murphy at the Sentinel, from Rob Black's stroll down 16th Street earlier today.

Okay! Let's get to our questions! Commenter MidTurf asks whether SFist has been selectively enforcing its comment policy on pro- or anti-Daly posts. To answer that question: No, we haven't deleted anyone's comments on the District 6 election, unless they were accidental duplicates created by our Server Of Sorrows or spam. So unless Rob Black was trying to sell us a replica Rolex watch, all the commentary you've seen before should still be up. MidTurf, is the post you're looking for this one? And remember, you can always search our Daly Archives if you're looking for any one particular post too.

And our second question comes in over the email, from a person we'll call "Pro-Daly Reader." That person's question is: "Can you change the title of this column to Everybody Loves Chris?" Well, PDR, this column took its name from the TV show "Everybody Hates Chris," whose title is a parody of the TV show "Everybody Loves Raymond." So if Chris Daly changes his name to Raymond, we'll consider changing the name of the column. Hope that addresses your concerns!

Keep those questions and comments coming -- along with your pictures and anecdotes -- both pro-Daly and con-!

Picture courtesy of the SanFranciscoSentinel.com.

...and can you believe it? This one's over 21!