With that in mind, we're going to take a look at what the Giants and A's are looking for and who has been rumored to be the new boss, starting with the Giants. The A's will come tomorrow.

So what are the Giants looking for? It's hard to know right now, as the Giants are a mystery on top of an unknown shrouded by confusion. The team has so many holes to fill and so many directions they could go that it's hard to get a read of what they're going to do. The hiring of a manager would go a long ways to helping us figure it out, but since they haven't hired a manager, we're back at square one.

Traditionally, the Giants have favored big, splashy hires and hired managers with a lot of history and a personality to excite the fan base and to provide an exciting face for the team. However, there are signs this year that the team is looking not so much for a splashy hire, but for somebody who could zero in and focus on the one strength the Giants have at this point, their young pitching staff.

Who is being rumored as potential coaches and what it all means, after the jump.