Interesting little side note to all this, before the season: a bunch of QBs asked the NFL whether they could each have a say in the types of football they get to use-- some like it soft, some like it hard, some like it new-ish, some like it lived in. The NFL agreed to this and every QB went into the season content in knowing that they'd have the kind of football prepared for them that they preferred. Guys like Brady and Mannings (Peyton, not Eli) talked about how this would help their grip and so there was speculation that offensive records would be smashed because they would all have a better grip on the ball. The reason why we bring this up is because Aaron Brooks strained a muscle while trying to recover HIS SECOND STRAIGHT FUMBLED SNAP OF THE GAME.

Shell said Walter's had an up-and-down kind of game, which was true. It didn't help that the Raiders have been sacked 15 times in two games. Hey, wasn't Shell a Line coach for years and years who was supposed to make that his priority? It doesn't help, though, if also on your IR list is left guard Barry Sims and Robert "Ryan Leaf" Gallery.

Bring back Jeff George!